Pavement Banners

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Add a useful and stylish upsell to your range of products.

Our Pavement Banners are high quality, aesthetically pleasing products that create a designated area for guests, staff or visitors to stay within whilst onsite whether that be inside or out. They are made from a choice of fabric or PVC to create two different appearances and are supported by corrosion-free stainless steel posts that feature 10kg weighted bases. Your clients can add their own branding or a design of their choice to the fabric for a striking, professional appearance.

Benefits & Features of Pavement Banners:

Choose from the below three sizes:

1m x 1.1m (size of fabric banner: 850mm x 800mm)
1.5m x 1.1m (size of fabric banner: 1350mm x 800mm)
2m x 1.1m (size of fabric banner: 1850mm x 800mm)

The posts are made from stainless steel and are supported by stainless steel 10kg weighted bases.

Your clients can have their own company logo or design of their choice printed onto the fabric panel.

Inside and outside spaces can be segmented into specific areas which is perfect for dining, queuing, spectating and more.

Multiple Pavement Banners can be added together with a simple clip mechanism to create an unlimited length. They can be joined together in straight lines or shapes can be created around specified areas.

The material is available in two choices; PVC which is cost effective, can be wiped clean or Decotex fabric which has a softer feel is fully outdoor durable and fire retardant.

Provides added weather protection around our canopies and verandas.

As they are free standing, you can move them around, choosing to segment different areas on different days if required. They can used be used indoors or outdoors to daily requirements.

To secure the Pavement Banner to the wall, avoiding them being knocked over or moved.

The main fabric colour is available in any Pantone, CMYK or similar colour.