Simplicity 16 Veranda by Andy Brooke Construction

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Project Description

Simplicity 16 Installed in Hornsea, Yorkshire by Andy Brooke Construction

Andy Brooke Construction has recently installed a stunning Simplicity 16 in Hornsea, Yorkshire. It was installed in Hornsea Floral Hall just by the sea!

Installed by: Andy Brooke Construction
Location: Hornsea, Yorkshire
Product: Veranda
System: Simplicity 16
Roof: 16mm Multiwall Opal Polycarbonate
Size: 20.96 x 2.93 Metres
Colour: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
Sim 16 Grey Victorian Upgrades Hornsea Yorkshire

The installation itself was not a problem. Me and my team took the old one down- it had been up 30 years! The biggest problem was the weather and it being right on the sea wall. They decided to go for the Victorian look and I must say the service from the Millwood Group was second to none! Everything was delivered on time, no faults, everything perfectly wrapped. The Hornsea Floral Hall has come to life again with this installation and it has already gone through 3 storms and the battering sea weather! Customers are very happy with the finished job.

Andy Brooke, Andy Brooke Construction

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