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April 2020 Issue

  • New Choice of 16mm Polycarbonate

  • Installation of the Month

  • Milwood’s Training Academy

  • Attention Trade Partners

  • From Ugly Duck to Beautiful Swan

  • A Glass Act

  • Marketing: Prepare for Sales!

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March 2020 Issue

  • Price List Update

  • Get Some Closure!

  • For Sale

  • Installation of the Month

  • Marketing Tips from Leonardo!

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January 2020 Issue

  • New Year, New Me!

  • That’s the way to do it!

  • Want to get featured on our website?

  • Installation of the Month

  • Marketing Tips: Milwood’s Marketing Matrix

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December 2019 Issue

  • Treat Yourself this Christmas

  • Installation of the Month

  • Stunning Installation of a Bioclimatic Pergola

  • Quicker & Smarter Quotes to Increase your Sales

  • Marketing Tips: Wanna Dominate Google Together?

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November 2019 Issue

  • Check out this month’s goalpost installation

  • Stunning installation of a bioclimatic pergola

  • A selection of New Tricks from the last month

  • Marketing Tips: It’s not your customer’s job to know…

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October 2019 Issue

  • A selection of Simplicity Xtra installations by our Trade Partners

  • Some stunning photos from our Trade Partner of the month

  • Marketing tips: Dominate Google for your local area

  • Our new Head Office location

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September 2019 Issue

  • Our latest aluminium decking installation

  • Not one, but two installations of the month

  • Our new mini brochures

  • This month’s marketing tips – optimise images for your website

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August 2019 Issue

  • Information about our all-new Goalpost

  • A selection of featured installations from the last month

  • 3 pages of i-marketing from GlazingGPS.com

  • An important update regarding our product range

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July 2019 Issue

  • An abundance of grey veranda installations

  • A situation where size really mattered

  • Milwood’s Marketing Matrix

  • Important housekeeping information

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June 2019 Issue

  • Read about our record response from the 2019 FIT Show
  • Get your hands on your copy of the Milwood Marketing Matrix plus free online marketing training
  • Installation of the month by Roofit, Ireland
  • Details about our updated pitch charts and price list
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May 2019 Issue

  • Find out how you can get your hands on the much anticipated Milwood Marketing Matrix

  • Discover our latest products: The Simplicity Xtra and Relax Sound outdoor speakers

  • …And not one, but two installations of the month!

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April 2019 Issue

  • How CBV installers added £656,956 to their sales

  • A rise in popularity in the Simplicity 16

  • The launch of our aluminium decking at the Futurescape show

  • Check our this months’ featured Trade Partner installation

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March 2019 Issue

  • Lifestyle and Traditional Alfresco Sale

  • Simplicity Xtra Samples

  • How CBV Installers Added £656,956 in Sales

  • Installation of the Month: Kitchen Pergola

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February 2019 Issue

  • Our installations of the year – did your company feature?

  • Discover our new online quoting portal

  • Updates to the Simplicity 16

  • Your 7 Step ’12-Month’ Internet Marketing Plan

  • FIT Show news

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December 2018 Issue

  • How to advertise with Facebook

  • New order forms and online quoting portal

  • Installation of the month

  • Receive additional discount for your home

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November 0.5 2018 Issue

  • Bigger Span Sim 6

  • Booming Success at the BBSA Show

  • Simplicity Extra- Coming soon

  • Online Create a quote

  • Profit Crimes

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November 2018 Issue