Below photos show a project recently completed by our Trade Partner Roofit who are based in Ireland. It was a large conservatory (including portal frame) along with a Simplicity 6 veranda (all finished in cream – on upper deck – left hand side). Here’s what the company Director Philip McCloskey had to say about this project:

“This project came about in a process of steps. The client originally saw our showroom installation early in 2018, following which we installed the grey Traditional Alfresco to the front of the house last year.

After that installation, the client made loose enquiries about the recently completed job but was meeting issues in rounding up the data we required from their Engineer and Architect regarding the original main house construction details. The project stalled back then.

With more free time this January, we contacted and offered to take over the project including all investigations of prior construction as required. They were happy to proceed on that basis and agreed to pay investigation costs, even if the job didn’t go ahead.

The overall result is one of our favourite jobs ever. It was a challenging project, but it was profitable and created work at a quiet time of the year. It was more proof of the benefit of a showroom install, along with reinforcing our resolve in the process of resurrecting and following up jobs that seemed dead.

Having the wide raft of Milwood systems available opens the possibilities we can offer. This house now has a Traditional Alfresco and a Simplicity 6, both of which are the correct scale and size for their respective locations. Our showroom is a 4m x 2.85m Simplicity 6, but it directly led to winning this job.

We are finding the new Simplicity Xtra veranda a great addition in our current quoting, it fills a popular client size request perfectly. As ever we are very appreciative of the help that Milwood give us. We find the collaborative working method on offer very supportive and this helps us to translate to our clients the deeply engineered quality of this great product range.”

– Philip McCloskey – Roofit, Ireland